Marei Keramik (West Germany) Pottery Vase | Model #9301

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Marei Keramik was founded in 1948 by Jean Fuss and his son, in Rheinbach, Germany. The company was founded on the back of a previous company owned by Fuss (and then business partner Josef Emons) dissolving.

The word Marei is an abbreviation of the first part of the company's full legal name, MAjolikafabrik RhEInbach Jean Fuss & Sohn.  


A lovely ceramic vase, model #9301. It features a caramel coloured glaze, with a purple and blue lava style finish.

It's in great to excellent vintage condition with no wear that we can see. Measuring approx 15cm tall.

Note the last picture which shows two pieces from our Marei Keramik collection in the same glaze, both sold separately. 

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