Large Ceramic 11" Dala Horse | IKEA Vinterfest Limited Edition

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In the 17th century little wooden horses were sold at markets in small towns and villages in Dalarna, in central Sweden. A hundred years later wooden horses were carved by men working in the forests during long winter evenings and brought back to the village for the children to play with.

This is how the little wooden horse from Dalarna became a treasured object. These simple wooden horses were later painted in bright colours inspired by the flower patterns painted on furniture and walls in the region.

Today, Dala horses are highly collectible and as such, sought after by not just collectors but by those in search of a stylish yet fun piece to add to their home.


A fantastic piece - a large almost 11" tall, ceramic Dala horse released by IKEA as part of their Vinterfest celebrations.

This piece measures approx 27.5cm tall x 23cm long, and is in excellent condition with no wear to mention.