L.E. Smith Glass (USA) Bunny on Nest [Sold Separately]

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Though the L.E. Smith Glass Company was founded by "Lew" Smith in Jeannette, Pennsylvania in 1907, the company is better known for the glassware it produced from 1910 to 1921 at its factory in nearby Mount Pleasant. There, L.E. Smith manufactured mustard jars (along with the mustard that filled them), fruit jars, jelly jars, and headlights for Henry Ford's Model T, among many other products.

By 1920, Smith, whose namesake founder had left the company in 1911, had purchased a new factory in Greensburg, which is a bit closer to Jeannette than Mount Pleasant. It was in Greensburg that the company made a range of milk glass pieces, from figural animals to vases and planters. L.E. Smith was also known for its small novelty glass items, from tiny pianos and pistols to diminutive telephones, many of which were sold as containers for candy.


Pattern: Bunny on Nest
Colours: Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow - each sold separately

Dimensions: 10cm tall, 12cm long x 7.5cm wide

Condition: All are in great to excellent vintage condition with only a very small amount of surface wear.


* Each sold separately; choose your favourite from the drop-down menu.