Johnson of Australia 'Russet' [misprint] Cup and Saucer

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Johnson of Australia were a division of Johnson Brothers England - one of the largest producers of domestic pottery in the world in their time. Like the English parent company they produced a huge range of tough utilitarian domestic ware.

Production for Johnson in Australia commenced in 1957 out of the Sovereign Pottery factory based in Croydon, Queensland.

Their extensive range of Australian crockery, very popular in the ‘70s and early ‘80s, mainly used a speckled cream ceramic, featuring a range of floral motifs. Common flowers used were daises and sunflowers.



'Russet' - MISPRINT

  • teacup and saucer set
  • 7cm x 8cm / 14cm

This is a misprint of the original pattern; it has been placed lower on the cup and some of the pattern doesn't show.


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