Jeannette Glass (USA) 'Delphite' Refrigerator Dishes - 1x Rectangular, 2x Square, 2x Round (set x5) | Circa 1930s *RARE FIND*

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Jeannette Glass was established in Jeannette, Pennsylvania in 1900. Originally the company made bottles, but by the 1920s they had turned to tableware and kitchenware.

Across their time as a successful manufacturer of glass in the US they made a range of fabulous depression glass, carnival glass, and under the McKee and Glasbake brands, opal glass (similar to PYREX).

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An absolutely, undeniably, incredible find!

We're excited to be able to offer these beauties - a RARE set of five refrigerator dishes in the stunning Delphite (blue milk glass) range. These pieces were produced in the 1930s, making this a good 90 years old, give or take.

This set includes one long rectangular dish, two square dishes and two large round dishes. Each includes its original lid.

Condition wise we are surprised in just how wonderful they are - the only flaws we can find are a couple of chips on one of the square dishes; it has a small chip on the underside of the lid and two small chips on the base (all have been captured via the pictures). There are a couple of other rough edges to touch, but we are talking minimal here.

There are the standard swirls and inconsistencies in colour throughout the milk glass from manufacturing, which won't be a surprise to anyone who collects this kind of glass.

Truly stunning - and to be able to offer a whole set - just WOW.

Measurements are 7cm tall x 21.5cm long x 10.5cm deep (rectangular), 7cm tall x 11cm wide (square) and 9cm tall x 15cm diameter (round).

An incredible collection - we cannot stress this enough!