Jeannette Glass (USA) 6.5" Wedding Bowl with Lid

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Jeannette Glass was established in Jeannette, Pennsylvania in 1900. Originally the company made bottles, but by the 1920s they had turned to tableware and kitchenware.

Across their time as a successful manufacturer of glass in the US they made a range of fabulous depression glass, carnival glass, and under the McKee and Glasbake brands, opal glass (similar to PYREX).

You can read more about Jeannette Glass here:


We have a fabulous 'Wedding Bowl' with its original lid, circa 1930s-40s. In really quite excellent condition, this is the 6.5" size (there was also a larger version available). There are no chips or cracks, and only the smallest spots of glaze flecks.

Be careful to only wash this beauty by hand! If at all. The paint application if fragile and will be removed if washed with harsh chemicals.

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