JAJ PYREX (England) 'Checkers', #524 Oval Casserole

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JAJ were the producers of PYREX bowls and bakeware in England from 1922 until the plant (in Sunderland, UK) closed in 2007. Items were back-stamped JAJ (short for James A Jobling) until the mid-1970s, which is when Corning purchased the company and items started production with the PYREX ENGLAND back-stamp.

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JAJ PYREX, Checkers, #524 Oval Casserole
Produced from 1968

Model #524 holds 1.4 Litres

Pattern is bright and shiny, free from any colour damage (dishwasher damage). There is some discolouration inside the glass on the lid, as per the picture. It could be inside a chip, but if so it's smooth to touch and you can't tell.