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Hiram Wild (England) 'Classic' EPNS Entree Forks (set x6)

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Hiram Wild (1843-1924) was born in Sheffield, the son of Joseph – a table knife grinder – and his wife, Harriet.  Hiram followed his father’s trade and started his enterprise in 1864.  In the following year, he was awarded £3 10s (£3.50) for loss of earnings at Globe Works due to the Sheffield Flood.

By 1876, Williamson & Wild was launched in Milton Street, with Samuel Williamson and Hiram Wild as the partners. Their partnership was unfortunately dissolved in 1876.

During the 1920s, Wild’s manufactured electro-plate and steel cutlery, using trademark brands including the words ‘EQUAL’ and ‘MUTUAL’.

Fast forward to today and Hiram Wild is one of Britain's largest producer of Sheffield made knife blades.



Pattern: Classic 
Produced from the 1930s/40s

Model: Entree Forks
Dimensions: 17.5cm long

Condition: Some light scuffs to the EPNS as expected with age, but overall good to great vintage condition.


Note - we have other sets in the same pattern range, listed separately.

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