Figgjo (Norway) 'Daisy' Large Round Covered Casserole | Designed by Turi Gramstad-Oliver

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Figgjo was founded by Harald Lima and Sigurd Figved in 1941. In 1946, designer and ceramist Ragnar Grimsrud (1902-1988) became co-owner and general manager of Figgjo. The company took its current form in 1968 following the merger of Stavangerflint AS with Figgjo Fajanse AS.

The company is still in production today (one the last in the Nordic region) and as well as producing wonderful new pieces, classics such as Lotte, Market and Daisy continue to be popular with a new generation of collectors today.

You can read more about Figgjo and their history, here:


Pattern: Daisy

Designer: Turi Gramstad Oliver
Produced from: 1969 to 1975

Model: Round Covered Casserole (Large)
Dimensions: 11.5cm tall x 23cm diameter

Condition: Excellent vintage condition with no wear that we can see.