Empoli Cased Glass Vase, in Lime Green and Chocolate | Made by Stelvia Glass, as part of their Opalina Fiorentina range, in Italy

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The original Italian Empoli glass pieces really are the epitome of the retro era - almost every household across the 1960s/70s had one (or more!) or these on display!

Today we've got a spectacular find; this example being a cased (white glass internally) vase, in lime green and chocolate. This exceptional beauty is an absolute sight to behold.

This stunning example of Italian glass measures approx 24cm (9.5") in height, and 13cm diameter (at its widest point). It's in excellent vintage condition, with no wear to mention. It is chip and crack free; we can't see any flaws to mention. 

This piece was made by Stelvia Glass as part of their 'Opalina Fiorentina' range.