Crown Devon aka S. Fielding & Co (England) Speckled Pottery Vase | Circa 1930s

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S. Fielding and Co were an earthenware manufacturer at Devon Pottery, Stoke. Simon Fielding established the business circa 1870. It met financial difficulties and in 1878 or 1879 Fielding’s son Abraham joined the business, becoming the driving force behind its expansion and phenomenal later success.

The Crown Devon name came into general use in the early 1900s although first use of the name may date from the 1880s. It was first associated with vellum-coloured earthenware painted in the ‘Worcester’ floral decorating style. Jugs, vases, plaques and a host of other items were produced.


A lovely peach-coloured vase with a textured, speckled finish and gold accents.

It's in great to excellent vintage condition with very little surface wear. It measures approx 19cm tall x 16cm diameter.

Based on the Crown Devon backstamp used we can date this piece to circa 1930s.