Cathrineholm (Norway) 'Lotus' 7" Saucepan | Khaki Green on White

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The Cathrineholm factory opened in Halden, Norway in 1907. Originally producing ironworks and agricultural equipment, they then moved to creating signage and general household wares, before producing enamelled kitchenware.

As a designer, Grete Prytz Kittelsen was contracted to Cathrineholm, from 1955 until 1972.

During that time she designed a range of enamelware for the company - most famously Lotus (1962-65) and not-so-famously Stripes (1956), Square (1958) and Bands (1958).

Contrary to popular belief, the flower pattern displayed on the Lotus design was not the work of Grete herself, but by a lesser known employee. In fact, Grete has been known to comment on how she doesn't like the pattern at all and that it ruins the look of her solid-colour design!


A stunning 7" saucepan in the Lotus pattern, khaki green on white.

It's in great vintage condition, with very minimal wear. Internally it is clean and free from damage. There are no chips to the enamel. It has a couple of light scratches externally to the base which you can see via pictures, but minimal really. There is some wear to the underside of the metal ring which forms the handle, as per the last picture, but not a lot! Colour wise it is bright and shiny and all kinds of wonderful!