Diana Pottery (Australia) Ceramic Trough Vase/Jardiniere

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Diana Pottery was established at Marrickville, New South Wales in 1941, and was the most popular Australian ceramics manufacturer between the 1940s and the 1960s.

They are well known for slip-ware, kitchenware, hand-painted pottery and ovenware.

They produced decorative earthenware such as table vases, wall pocket vases, decanters, figurines and a popular variety of tableware known as 'Nefertiti' consisting of serving platters, casserole dishes, and ramekins.

Their vases and figurines were often decorated with pearly pinks, pastel blues, and yellows, while the Nefertiti range usually come in contrasting mustard, brown, and white colours.

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This lovely trough vase / jardiniere is finished in a gorgeous burgundy glaze, with cream/yellow peering through the undercoat.

Measuring approx 26cm long x 9cm wide x 7.5 wide it's in great vintage condition, free from any chips or cracks. It does have a small amount of crazing, which we have tried to capture via the pictures.

Likely made in the post-war era, when the production of pottery and ceramics flourished in Australia (particularly in Sydney's Inner West).