Åseda (Sweden) 'Jack in the Pulpit' aka Bone Vase, 7" Royal Blue | Designed by Bo Borgström

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Åseda Glasbruk was a mid 20th century glass factory that operated in the town of Åseda, Sweden. Their head designer was Bo Borgstrom, widely acclaimed as a ceramics artist before joining the company in 1961.

Åseda Glasbruk was incorporated into the Royal Krona group in 1975, which went into liquidation in 1977.



A fabulous example of Åseda's 'Jack in the Pulpit' vase (or bone vase as they're often referred to as) in a stunning royal blue colour.

Measuring approx 18cm (7") tall x 6.5cm diameter, this incredible beauty is in excellent vintage condition with no wear to mention.


Note, the red is sold separately.