AGEE PYREX (Australia) 'Nestle's Daisy' Oval Baking Dish | *RARE FIND*

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Crown Crystal Glass (owned by parent company ACI Glass) were the producers of PYREX in Australia from 1926. Up until 1961, all PYREX glassware produced in Australia was clear.

After importing opal PYREX from the UK (since 1959), Crown Crystal Glass started production of their own opal PYREX in 1961. The ‘Festive Ware’ product line launched, which included collector favourites such as Flannel Flowers, Black Rose and Golden Pine.

Through the years Crown Crystal Glass has gone through a variety of company name changes, resulting in many pieces of Australian PYREX labelled with various backstamps and some, with nothing at all.

A rough timeline of company names and dates are AGEE PYREX (until 1963), CROWN AGEE PYREX (late 1960s), CROWN PYREX (1970s), CROWN OVENWARE (1970s) and PYREX OVENWARE (late 1970s until early 1980s).

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Pattern: Nestle's Daisy
Model: oval baking dish

Produced in 1959.

- This rare pattern is in good vintage condition with but does show some wear --- a small chip, some wear to the print in scratches, etc. It is still shiny however. Note, she has been loved!

We've provided photos from almost every angle possible so you can see the scratches in the print. Most we've tend to all be well used.

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