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  1. Hey Jimmy while browsing your lovely site I noticed that there is not much info about this item. It was a promotional piece for Blueband Margarine and originally came with a plastic lid (although most have been lost/perished). I’ve got 3 of these. Thanks, Sarah

  2. Hi Guys, I have found the oblong casserole in this design, without lid, and not in usable condition inside – although the design on the outside is still very good. As yours is the only image of this anywhere on the web (that I can find), I wonder if this is rare and so potentially a collectors item?

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for visiting the site!

      I’m aware of the oblong casserole, I have one myself. I wouldn’t call this pattern ‘rare’ or ‘hard to find’ in any of the sizes, it’s quite a common pattern found across Australia…

  3. Thanks for making this reference site! Looks like a lot of work has gone into it. I’m a 1980 baby from WA and grew up with a lot of 70s Agee in the house. Love it!

  4. My mum had some of this! I was about 3 when she got it but I actually remember being in the now non-existent Aherns department store in the city in Perth when she bought it. I’m sure most people find it pretty dowdy now but I still like it. It’s totally mum’s fault that I’m attracted to browns.

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  6. I have just started selling vintage ware on Etsy and this site is going to be invaluable for dating my Pyrex ware. I have just listed a piece and done a link back to this site as a reference. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort in to produce this site.

  7. Hello – Yesterday I found 6 opal dinner plates here in Corning, NY, USA marked JAJ – Made in England! I didn’t know the pattern, I found that on your website “VINE” but I see you don’t have the number listed for the plates so I wanted to provide that information to you. They are 655. I have pictures of them if you would like me to send them to you. Best regards, Brenda..

  8. Hi guys, I love your website. It’s super informative, great photos and well designed. I have a web shop on the other side of the world in London and wonder if I can link to you on my Pyrex reference page for other people to see what more is out there to collect. Kind regards Murielle

  9. I have a piece of Pyrex England that I couldn’t find on your page. I am looking for a pattern name and date of productions. I can PM or email you photos. it had coral colored flowers and green leaves in a band around the top.

  10. I have a piece of Pyrex England that I couldn’t find on your page. I am looking for a pattern name and date of production if you can. I can PM or email you photos. it has peach colored flowers and green leaves in a band around the top.

  11. My mistake, the mixing bowl is Morning Star (opposite colours). Great site,

  12. Thank you so much for this site! I started collecting Pyrex with a hand-me-down from my aunt and I’ve loved them ever since.
    I love that your site has the JaJ and Australian Pyrex. I found a Cape Tulip bowl in my local Vinnies and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what patter it was until I came here.
    Have asked my Mum for your book as my christmas present. Can’t wait!

  13. The most beautiful and well made book i have seen for a long time. This is an extensive reference book on pyrex. If you love pyrex you will love this book. I had to buy two copies, one to read and one to collect, its a must have.well done Stan.

  14. This book is so gorgeous. With almost 500 pages, it gives you all the JAJ and Agee eye candy you could hope for and more! While shipping across all the ponds can seem like a hindrance, I can tell you that this book is 1000% worth the cost. I am very impressed. Very very high quality!

  15. Found this site while trying to find out about the Agee Pyrex insulators. Do you have any history on when these were produced and how many varieties of the there are? Thanks

    • Hi Jeff. Thanks for dropping me a line. Unfortunately though, I don’t have any history on AGEE insulators. Sorry!

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