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Fratelli Fanciullacci (Italy) Large 27" Table Lamp, with Hand-Made Lampshade (Vintage Fabric)

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Fratelli Fanciullacci pottery was established in Capraia Fiorentino in 1862 by Raffaello Fanciullacci (1803-1881). The company originally confined itself to making simple, utilitarian, table and kitchenware, jars, etc (stovigliere, in Italian).

By 1880 the pottery’s name was changed from Ceramiche Capraia (with the figure of a wolf and a goat as its logo) to The Brothers (Fratelli) Fanciullacci.

In 1911 it was decided to move the operation from Capraia to the other side of the Arno River in Montelupo. They were such an immediate success that by 1914 the company had over 1,000 different molds thus making their range of offerings one the most appealing in the country and making the pottery the largest employer in the area.

Fratelli Fanciullacci ceased all operations in 1988.


A fabulous ceramic table lamp in a gorgeous orange and black decor with a drip-like design, circa 1960s.

It has been paired with a hand-made lamp shade made out of vintage fabric, courtesy of our friends at Retrotastik.

The lamp base is in excellent vintage condition with no real wear that we can see. 

Please note the lamp shade may have some inconsistencies in the pattern and fabric itself being vintage, however it is free from damage.

This beauty measures a 69cm (27") tall including the shade, 34cm tall not including the shade or light fixture.

It has been professionally rewired with a new cable to meet Australian electrical standards. Essentially, it's all ready to go!

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