Waechtersbach (West Germany) 'Polka Dot' Canisters (set x4) *RARE FIND*

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Waechtersbach was founded in 1832 by the Prince Adolf of Ysenburg and Büdingen of Isenburg-Wachtersbach.

The company have produced a number of fun, bright patterns across their popular years, including well-known and highly sought-after 'Heart' pattern. Available in two design options - small hearts or big hearts - the simple white heart shape pops on the vibrant red backdrop.


Pattern: Polka Dot
Model: Canisters

Dimensions: 23cm tall, 18cm tall, 14cm and 10cm tall

Condition: Almost all are in great vintage condition with very little surface wear, just a couple of scuffs and very small scratches in the colour. The only exception is the smallest canister which has cracks, but we have included it to complete the set. The lids are also missing their original rubber seals (which we imagine have been removed due to wear over the years).