Iittala (Finland) 'Niva' Old Fashioned Glasses (set x4) | Designed by Tapio Wirkkala

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The roots of Iittala date back to 1881 when a glass factory was established in a village of the same name in southern Finland. In its early years Iittala produced blown, pressed, polished, painted and etched glass according to continental models.

In the beginning of the 20th century dinnerware was decorated with a variety of ornaments. Iittala was one of the first companies to make the transition from decorative dinner sets to functional, aesthetically pleasing objects infused with progressive Scandinavian design.

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Pattern: Niva
Model: Old Fashioned Glasses (set x4)

Designed by Tapio Wirkkala
Produced from 1972

Dimensions: 8.5cm tall x 6.5cm diamater
Capacity: 235ml (8 ounce)

Condition: Excellent vintage condition; no wear to mention - we would question how much these have been used as they still have their original labels intact.


Note we have two sets available - one with labels and one without, please choose your preference via the drop-down menu.