Hazel Atlas (USA), 'Ripple' (aka Crinoline) in Pink, 9" Dinner Plates (set x4)

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Hazel Atlas was formed in 1902 from two glass plants in Washington, Pennsylvania -  Hazel Glass Company and the Atlas Glass and Metal Company.

Originally making glass jars, tumblers and other domestic glassware across the depression era of the 1920s, the company moved onto an extended tableware range.

By the 1930s the company became one of the major producers of glassware in America. Some of the most well-known patterns from that era were Royal Lace, Old Florentine, Moderntone, New Century, Ovide, Ribbon, Starlight and Cloverleaf.

The company continued to expand and by the 1950s were sold to Continental Can, who later sold to Brockway (1964) and then finally to Anchor Hocking (1979).



Pattern: Ripple (aka Crinoline), in Pink
Produced from 1958

Model: Dinner Plate (set x4)

Dimensions: 22.5cm (9") diameter

Condition: Great to excellent vintage condition with very little surface wear. No chips, cracks or dishwasher damage to the colour.