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Kalmar Pottery (Australia) Flying Ducks (Set x4) *RARE FIND*

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Kalmar Pottery were produced by migrants Julius and Irene Kalmar of Hungary from the early 1950's to mid 1960's. Their first factory was at Lakemba, NSW and they later moved to Punchbowl.

They are renowned for their stunning lustreware pieces - various vases and ornaments with a stunning coloured, lustre finish. Iconic Australian pottery that is still highly collectable today.


Pattern Flying Ducks 
Production 1950s/60s

Dimensions Width ranging from 21.5cm, to 31.5cm

Condition Great to excellent condition with no major wear. A small amount of crazing on a couple ducks, mainly on the reverse side, but minimal. Marked AACP (Australian Art Ceramic Products) on the reverse; the official company name of Kalmar Pottery.

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