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Walther & Sönhe (Germany) 'Luxor' 8" Vase, in Green (Uranium)

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August Walther & Söhne AG (or Walther & Söhne for short) was established in 1888 by August Walther. In 1932 the company merged with Saxonian Glass, and was renamed Sachsische Glasfabrik August Walther and Söhne AG.

Walther & Söhne are best known for their superb range of Art Deco centrepieces, figurines, bowls and vases, which they made during the 1930s and 40s. They also produced a range of Cloud Glass called 'Oralit'. 

Source '20th Century Glass' website, which can be viewed here.


Pattern Luxor

Model Vase
Colour Green (Uranium)

Production 1934

Dimensions 21cm tall, 12.5cm diameter 

Condition Good to great condition, with some wear on the base as per the pictures - it looks as though the glass has had a reaction to something and has formed small cracks. Has a very strong uranium glow.

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