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Indiana Glass Co (USA) 'Hen-On-Nest' in Pastel Blue | Model #4901

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The Indiana Glass Company was formally created in 1908, though the origin of the factory was some years earlier - in 1896 when it was used for building and repairing railroad carriages. It was acquired by The Beaty and Brady Company which started to make domestic glassware, and later, in 1899, it became part of the National Glass Company combine. When this company failed, the plant was bought from receivership and became the Indiana Glass company.

During the Depression years Indiana produced a great deal of tableware and later, automobile lenses. In the late 1950s, Lancaster Glass purchased Indiana and in the early 1960s, the company became part of the large Lancaster Colony Corporation.

​In the 1970s Indiana became a major producer of contemporary carnival glass, producing the 'Harvest' carnival glass series in blue, gold, sunset, green and amethyst.

You can read more about their history, here.



Pattern Hen-On-Nest
Production 1970s/80s

Model #4901
Colour Pastel Blue

Dimensions 13cm tall, 17cm long, 13cm wide

Condition Excellent condition with no wear that we can see.

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