Heron Cross Pottery (England) 'Blue Willow' Pitcher/Jug

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Heron Cross Pottery was built circa 1876 by the Hines brothers on the site of a former colliery in the street that would later bear their name. Good quality opaque porcelain and ivory ware were produced well into the twentieth century, and 1907 saw the company purchased by Grimwades.

Pottery continued to be produced until just before the war, when it was requisitioned by the government and used for the storage of bully beef and land mines. In 1961, the business was acquired by Frank William Ridge Snr, and it has stayed within the Ridge family ever since. The current owner is Christopher Ridge, who took control in 1995.


Pattern: Blue Willow
Model: Large Pitcher

Dimensions: 22cm tall x 15.5cm diameter

Condition: Excellent condition with no wear to mention.