Vine (1983-85)

pyrex england_vine

A big thank you to Toodle Pip Vintage for the image! You can visit their site here.

— Official Pattern Name:

— Circa:

— Models:

504 – 800ml Round Casserole
507 – 1.25 litre Round Casserole
511 – 2 litre Round Casserole
517 – 3 litre Round Casserole

524 – 1.4 litre Oval Casserole
535 – Chicken Roaster

660 – Shaped Plate
xxx – 22cm Side Plate
xxx – 25.5cm Dinner Plate
xxx – 22cm Soup Plate
xxx – 550ml Soup/Fruit Bowl
xxx – 13cm Bowl
xxx – 24cm Salad Bowl

728 – Round Casseroles, set of three = 800ml (504), 1.25 litre (507) and 2 litre (511) round casseroles

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One thought on “Vine (1983-85)

  1. Hello – Yesterday I found 6 opal dinner plates here in Corning, NY, USA marked JAJ – Made in England! I didn’t know the pattern, I found that on your website “VINE” but I see you don’t have the number listed for the plates so I wanted to provide that information to you. They are 655. I have pictures of them if you would like me to send them to you. Best regards, Brenda..


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