White with Gold Spears (1965-66)

agee pyrex_white with gold spears_group
[above] a variety of models in White with Gold Spears

agee pyrex_white with gold spears_cr300 agee pyrex_white with gold spears_ramekins
[above left] CR300 – 3 pint round casserole
[above right] RS12 – 12 ounce ramekins

agee pyrex_white with gold spears_bakers
[above] COB400 – 4 pint oblong casserole, UOB212 – utility oblong baker

— Official Pattern Name:
White with Gold Spears

— Collector’s Nickname:
Olive Picket Fence

— Circa:

— Common Backstamp:
Agee Pyrex

— Models:

COB400 – 4 pint Oblong Casserole
COB600 – 6 pint Oblong Casserole
CR200 – 2 pint Round Casserole
CR300 – 3 pint Round Casserole

RS12 – 12 ounce Square Ramekin

DD200 – 2 pint Divided Dish
CD705 – 2 pint Soufflé Dish
UOB212 – Utility Oblong Baker

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