Paper Daisy

agee pyrex_paper daisy
[above] 2 pint (1.25L) souffle dish, 3.5 pint (2L) round casserole

A very big thank you to Katie for the above photo; you can view her collection via her Flickr page here.

— Pattern (unofficially, pattern yet unknown):
Paper Daisy

— Circa:
early 1970s

— Common Backstamp:
Crown Ovenware

— Models:

2 pint (1.25L) round casserole
3.5 pint (2L) round casserole
4 pint (2.75L) oblong casserole
chicken (3.75L) oblong casserole

1.5 pint (850ml) oval pie dish
2 pint (1.25L) oval pie dish
2 pint (1.25L) divided dish
2 pint (1.25L) souffle dish

2.5 pint (1.5L) deep casserole (aka small, half tub)
3.75 pint (2.25L) deep casserole (aka large, full tub)

round, long handle (500ml) ramekins

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