Tiger Lily (1972)

agee crown pyrex_tiger lily
[above] 1.25 litre round casserole

— Official Pattern Name:
Tiger Lily

— Circa:

— Common Backstamp:
Crown Ovenware

— Models:

1821 – 2 pint (1.25L) round casserole
1907 – 3.5 pint (2L) round casserole
1930 – 4 pint (2.75L) oblong casserole
1986 – chicken (3.75L) oblong casserole

1231 – 1.5 pint (850ml) oval pie dish
1424 – 2 pint (1.25L) oval pie dish
1447 – 2 pint (1.25L) divided dish
1399 – 2 pint (1.25L) souffle dish

2049 – 2.5 pint (1.5L) deep casserole (aka small, half tub)
2002 – 3.75 pint (2.25L) deep casserole (aka large, full tub)

1329 – round, long handle (500ml) ramekins

5 thoughts on “Tiger Lily (1972)

  1. Hi Guys, I have found the oblong casserole in this design, without lid, and not in usable condition inside – although the design on the outside is still very good. As yours is the only image of this anywhere on the web (that I can find), I wonder if this is rare and so potentially a collectors item?

    • Hi Christine,

      Thanks for visiting the site!

      I’m aware of the oblong casserole, I have one myself. I wouldn’t call this pattern ‘rare’ or ‘hard to find’ in any of the sizes, it’s quite a common pattern found across Australia…

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