Autumn (1975)

pyrex ovenware_autumn
[above] 1.75 litre round casserole

pyrex ovenware_autumn_souffle and oblong.jpg
[above] 2 litre souffle dish, 2.75 litre oblong casserole

pyrex ovenware_autumn_deep casseroles.jpg pyrex ovenware_autumn_ramekins.jpg
[above left] 1.5 litre deep casserole, 2 litre deep casserole
[above right] 350ml square, tab-handled ramekins

A big thank you to Kirsty for the images!

— Official Pattern Name:

— Circa:

— Common Backstamp:
Pyrex Ovenware


1.25 litre Round Casserole
2.25 litre Round Casserole

2.75 litre Oblong Casserole
3.75 litre Chicken Casserole

1.5 litre Deep Casserole
2 litre Deep Casserole

2 litre Souffle Dish
350ml Square Ramekin


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