Old Country Blues (1975)

[above] 2 litre deep casserole in Surrey theme

agee crown pyrex_old country blues_300 agee crown pyrex_old country blues_box
[above left] 1.75 litre round casserole in Chalet theme, with matching PRS – 8″ pie plate
[above right] original packaging

crown ovenware_old country blues_pagoda.jpg
[above] 1.25 litre round casserole in Pagoda theme

agee pyrex_ocb mugs
[above] 250ml coffee mugs in all themes: Windmill, Surrey, Pagoda, Chalet

A big thank you to Charlotte for the image of the coffee mugs!

— Official Pattern Name:
Old Country Blues

— Circa:

— Common Backstamp:
Crown Ovenware
Pyrex Ovenware

— Variations:

Four different ‘country’ themes printed on white:
– Windmill
– Pagoda
– Surrey
– Chalet
One plain coloured theme:
– Blue Spray

— Models:

-prints on white:

1.25 litre Round Casserole
2.25 litre Round Casserole
2.75 litre Oblong Casserole
2 litre Soufflé Dish

1.5 litre Deep Casserole
2.25 litre Deep Casserole

500ml Round Ramekin
250ml Coffee Mug

-plain coloured:

850ml Oval Pie Dish
1.25 litre Divided Dish

500ml Round Ramekin

8” Round Scalloped Pie Dish
9” Round Scalloped Pie Dish
10” Round Scalloped Pie Dish

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